Do you bring passion to your job every day?


I volunteered at our local food bank this past weekend.  A friend of mine and I coordinate the event for kids at our school and church to get service hours.  It always puts things into perspective when I hear about how many people don’t know where their next meal is coming from in our county.  What I like about the program is that it teaches kids and adults how the food bank works, where they get their food, how volunteers help them be successful and how far they can stretch financial donations to make more meals for people.

Another thing that always amazes me is the level of passion that the people who run the facility have for what they do.  They are truly leading by example each and every day.  They organize multiple shifts of volunteers every week and they are truly good-hearted authentic people.   You can tell how much the food bank leaders truly care about the food bank and want the volunteers to know how important they are to the success of the food bank.  They make it a fun experience to volunteer so that you have fun as a group and want to come back again.

It made me think about the example that we set every day as leaders.  Do we always set a good example for those around us and genuinely care about their success?   Do we demonstrate how important the people that work for us are and that we couldn’t do it without them?   Do you spread the word about your company’s brand to others?    Are you authentic and see the best in other people?  Do you find ways to have fun as a group?

Think about these things when you are at work and interacting with your team.  Does this give you any new ideas on how you will show up and demonstrate your leadership?   If you’re ready to bring your team together and make them more effective, I can help you with that.  Just click here to set up time with me for a complimentary coaching session.

p.s. You may want to take the opportunity to volunteer at your local food bank as a team.  It is a fun way to take an opportunity for team bonding!

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