How can I get my motivation back?


Monday is the first day back to work for many people after the holiday weekend.  Many people traveled over the holiday and had four days off.  Enjoying family, eating way too much and shopping with the zillions of people at Black Friday Sales takes a lot out of you.  The time off went very quickly and now it is time to head back to work and school which will be a challenge for everyone.

By the time that you read this you may have hit the snooze button a few times, taken a shower and now are already up and ready to head out the door.   As you walk into the office today, remember how you are feeling and recognize that everyone else is feeling the same way.   As a leader, keep in mind that the motivation of your team may be fairly low today.  How can you rally them together and start getting them back into the swing of things?    If you have things that are to be completed by the end of the year, think about how you can motivate your team to push forward and get it all done.

Motivating others when you aren’t feeling very motivated yourself is hard.   You can start by asking everyone how their time off was and if they were able to enjoy themselves.   Find out if anything exciting happened to them.   Having people share what they did helps them to remember how nice it was to have a few days off and starts to have them transition back into the work world.  It also lets your team know that you care about them outside of the work world that you spend so much time in every day.

Trying these simple tips can really make a difference when motivating a team and it helps you get back into leading your team again.   If you are looking for other ways to motivate yourself or your team, reach out to set up a time to connect with me.  Here is the link:

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