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When there is a lot going on, communication is one of the things that may slip through the cracks. You have meetings all day long and sharing the updates you learned may slip your mind. This is why email has become such a major form of communication. No one has time to talk to each other, so they send out a quick email and now they feel that they have communicated. What if the person didn’t read it? What if they didn’t understand it? A lack of communication can cause major conflict in an organization, project or team. Leaving people out of the loop may cause issues with what you are delivering and credibility challenges with your key stakeholders.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to address this challenge. There is a lot of pressure to manage the large workload and so much coming at you each day. There are so many emails flying around that you can’t possibly read them all. Being able to filter through information quickly to see what is important becomes a key skill. I had so many emails coming in to me on a regular basis, that there was no way I could keep up with them. Catching up at night and pushing updates to my team became the norm. This was not sustainable and I needed a better way.

I started ensuring that the key people on my team who needed the information were copied and not just me. They were accountable to communicate to everyone else who needed the information. I had them copy me so I knew what was shared in case I got questions. Weekly staff meetings were held to provide updates to the whole team. If it was something more urgent, then I would send an instant message to give them an update. If you can’t communicate right away, then capture a reminder somewhere where you will see it. Keeping everyone in the loop is crucial to the success of what you and your team are doing.

Announcement on the ReVISION Program: We have had a great response to the program! Thank you to all who have expressed interest! We have been asked if we could offer it at different times to allow everyone the opportunity to be a part of it.

In order to do that we are moving the start date to February 20th where sessions will be available at Noon (CST) and 7:00pm (CST).

We will also offer an 8:00am on February 21st.

If you haven’t heard about the program yet or would like more information, you can click on this Link

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