Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 02/17/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!
Each week I will share some great articles that I have found as well as the links to my own Creating Leadership Connections blog for the week.
This week’s summary includes: Quotes on Kindness, Leadership and Teamwork, Tips to Boost Accountability, Qualities of Authentic People and my articles focused on the Importance of Integrity in Leaders.
Feel free to send me or comment with any articles that you have found as well!  They may show up in the following week’s summary! 🙂
Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes
  • 6 Motivation Secrets to Inspire Your Employees – 6 Motivation Secrets to Inspire Your Employees by Jayson DeMers
    • Keeping your employees motivated is challenging for any business owner or manager. Here are 6 secrets that will help!
  • “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” by Jayme Wait


My Leadership Posts from this week:
  • What Happened to all of my Motivation?
    • Discuss the things that lead to a lack of motivation
  • Need some motivation?  How about this?
    • Shared stories of people who didn’t attain success until after the age of 40
  • How Are You Motivating Your Team to Deliver Big Things?
    • Story of Walt Disney and how he motivated his team


My Podcast appearances that launched this week:
  • License to Receive Podcast by Allison Beierlein
    • Allison interviews guests focused on personal development, entrepreneurship, intention and career development.
Have a Great Weekend!!

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