Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 4/21/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!   


This week’s summary includes:  do you have blind spots, making employee engagement simple, leadership drives company culture, shifting to the mindset of a leader, are you creating more leaders or followers, focus on your vision, do you have tolerations that you are putting up with in your life, reviewing the types of tolerations: physical space, financial, relationships and wellness.


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes


  • 35 Tips to Simplify Employee Engagement by Justin Reynolds 35 Tips to Simplify Employee Engagement
    • Employee engagement doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are some simple ways to engage employees.


  • How Your Leadership Skills Will Determine Your Company Culture via @Entrepreneur by @brianeha
    • The way that you lead can have a direct impact on your company culture




  • Do you have a vision inside of you waiting to be accomplished? Are you ready to focus on yourself to make it happen?  – Neil Gaiman


My Leadership Posts from this week:



  • How do you feel in the place that you live?
    • How does your physical space impact your energy and happiness?



  • Is your life heading in the right direction?
    • Are you prioritizing yourself and your relationships?


My Podcast appearances that launched this week:


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