Have You Appreciated Someone Today?

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. ” I have seen this in action on any of the projects or teams that I have led. It doesn’t take that long to ask someone how things are going and thank them for something that they may have done for you or someone else.

I have had multiple managers and mentors who have actually taken the time to write out a note by hand to me. Those are the things that I have kept as a reminder when I may not be having a great day. Taking the time to do something simple like that can make all the difference for someone who is struggling or just under a lot of pressure. They just need to know that someone sees they are doing a great job and that it is appreciated.

Take the challenge to do this just one time a day. It can be an email, as you are walking in the hallway, stopping by their desk or by writing a note. Just take the time to do it and you will how much more they accomplish and how their motivation to do more will increase.

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