Have You Taken The Time To Make New Observations?

Is there something that you want to learn, but haven’t mastered yet?  Of course you have a list of those ideas either in your head or on paper.  When you decide which one or two things you want to work on, then you can start to identify ways to get that knowledge quickly.  In general, leaders are learners by nature and will find different ways to acquire that knowledge.  You could read books, listen to podcasts and books, read articles, find a mentor or go get some training.

I know what you are thinking….there isn’t enough time to do all those things.  Here is the question that you need to answer:  “are these things you want to learn important to you?”  Then you will need to carve out some time to focus on these priorities.  There are ways to make this work by multi-tasking a bit.  You can listen to books and podcasts in the car or at the gym.  Meet with a mentor while you are eating lunch.  If you want to learn, you will find a way.

There is another way that you can accomplish this learning.  Have you taken the opportunity to observe others?   Look for leaders who are already doing a really good job at what you want to be able to do.   You can make observations during meetings, in the hallway, during work functions and at lunchtime.  Observing is something you have always done, but now you need to be more intentional about it.   Here are some things to think about when observing: Watch what they do, what do they say, how do they say things, how are they influencing decision makers, where do they sit in a meeting, who do they meet with regularly, etc.  

The goal is to Observe, Learn, Try and Assess (then start over.)  What can you start to implement quickly and see how it works for you?  This approach gives you the opportunity to try these things out, assess if they are working and make changes if needed to ensure success.

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