About Me

My Experience

I have over 20 years in the Consumer Goods Industry where I had the opportunity to have increasing leadership roles in Sales, Supply Chain and Global Leadership roles in Information Technology.  Some of these IT roles included leadership of a Global Program for Data Management, Network Infrastructure, Supplier Relationship Management and Customer Service Operations.   I also chaired an enterprise employee resource group focused on programming and engagement to advance leadership opportunities for women in 100 locations.   Leading this organization was one of my biggest passions and was recognized with awards by external organizations for the positive changes we made to support women's advancement.  

I am now an executive coach who partners with leaders to reach new possibilities, leverage their strengths and make positive changes in their lives. Many of the clients that I work with want to increase their self-confidence, gain more executive presence, are looking for a new career or just want to accelerate their results and achieve more.  For some people, it is listening to others or even their own inner critic that prevents them from reaching their potential.  I have included Brene Brown's video on my page because she talks about this very topic.  She shares why it is important to acknowledge the critics, but believe in yourself, be vulnerable and have the courage to move forward anyway!

I also consult with companies who are in transition to help them achieve their objectives of transformation, process simplification and change.  Adding value quickly by leveraging my corporate leadership experience to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions that meet my stakeholder's needs. My approach focuses on advising organizations on processes, people and technology to ensure that all areas of change are aligned for a successful implementation.

What is coaching like with me?

I believe in being in the moment with you as a client and listening deeply to what is being said, but also observing what may be happening below the surface of the conversation.  I would describe my coaching style as warm, insightful, authentic and supportive.  You can check out the testimonials to see what other people have said 🙂  

Coaching relationships are built on trust and being open to moving out of your comfort zone.  I have seen real change occur when I have partnered with clients to help them reflect on their thoughts, beliefs and values.  If you are looking for changes to occur in your life either personally or professionally, sign up for a complimentary session here: http://susanmbarber.com/complimentary-session-sign-up/

The benefits of hiring me as your coach

I have seen the benefits of being coached in my own career and how the process transformed me personally.  The results I attained by working with coaches has far out surpassed what I could have done on my own.   

If you could reach new outcomes and possibilities for yourself..Why wouldn't you consider it?  What is holding you back?   As a coach, I love to see people transform themselves and seeing the new possibilities that they can accomplish.  Working with me as your coach could be just the catalyst you need for changing your thinking, your career and your life!