Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 3/31/17

​Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  becoming a great leader, building your legacy, managing remote workers, dealing with an indecisive boss, 10 mistakes new managers make, making a presentation with errors, career plan, culture of a team, and making assumptions Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes 5 Simple Ways Good Leaders Become Great @LollyDaskal … Nobody aspires to be just a good leader. Greatness is the goal, and these simple strategies can help you achieve it. How to…
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Are You Aware of the Assumptions That You Are Making?

​I read a book about 10 years ago called “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Freedom” * by Don Miguel Ruiz and Peter Coyote.  In the book, they talk about the way that you can create love and happiness in your life by living these agreements.   The agreements are: To be impeccable with your word – speak with integrity and use words that really say what you mean.  You are judged by the words that you use, so ensure that they…
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