The Challenges of Managing Organizational Change

Going through any sort of organizational change is a challenge.  How do leaders keep themselves focused on the right things?  There are many behind the scenes conversations that are taking place that they need to manage.  They are part of senior level meetings talking about the change and helping to drive the right decisions.  Depending on the leader’s level in the organization and how information is disseminated, they may be learning about the changes as decisions are finalized. Then they…
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Take the Opportunity to Make Change Happen

Are you someone who drives change or let’s change happen to you?  What would prevent you from driving change if it would make things better?  Is it fear?  Do you feel that you aren’t empowered to do it?  Have you tried in the past and failed?  It goes back to the old saying “what if you knew you couldn’t fail, would you try?” Look at the issues that are happening around you. Is there anything that you could do to…
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Are You Ready to Sit at the Table and Make a Difference?

​My former manager posted a quote today in my Facebook Group that said “Be at the table impacting change, before change impacts you.” Such a simple quote, but it says so much. I am not sure that everyone thinks about change in such a proactive way. This is especially challenging for those who are more fearful of change. They would most likely sit back and wait to see what will happen before doing anything. What if you tried a different…
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