Do You Know Your Worth?

​I was reading Think Strategically About Your Career Development by Dorie Clark the other day.  All of her tips are really good, but the last one in her article got me thinking about external reputations.  She discusses the importance of developing an external reputation.  I wholeheartedly agree and have shared this same thinking with many people that I have mentored and coached over the years.  It does take some time to develop this, but it is so important.  You can join a professional organization,…
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/16/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  earning credibility, inspirational quotes, chasing your vision, best leaders are great coaches, putting together an organizational strategy, making choices in your life, are you creating memories, can you create your best day today?   Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes 10 Powerful Ways You Can Earn #Credibility in Your Industry @LollyDaskal  Credibility is your best currency, with it you are solvent without you are bankrupt.   25 Inspirational Quotes By The…
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