Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 1/15/18

Monday Morning Leadership

  Client Question: “I have an interview coming up for a job that seems perfect for me.  I am sure that I will tell them that I can do the job, but what if I get it and then I find that I can’t do it?  I don’t want to fail.” The fear of failure can be so paralyzing for people that it keeps them from trying anything new at all.  Unfortunately, there are no changes that you can take…
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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 1/8/18

  Client Question: “I am afraid to say what I really think about certain things at work for fear of being judged. How do I move past this?” When you were young, you didn’t even hesitate to say or do things. Over time your parents, teachers and caregivers tried to prevent you from being hurt by warning you not to do or say certain things. Although there are still some people that ignored those warnings and continued to be fearless…
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It’s Time to Change the Way You Think About Someday!

Do you have a bucket list of things that you want to do someday?  Your bucket list may be written down so you can see it every day or it may just be a mental list that you keep in your head.  Some people may have a large list of items to accomplish while others may only have only a few.   When there are so many things going on, that list is sitting there waiting to be checked off.  It…
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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 7/24/17

  Client Question:  “My manager approached me about taking on a bigger role, but I am not sure I am ready for it.  What should I do?” If your manager approached you about the job, that is already a vote of confidence that they feel that you are ready for the role.  This doesn’t mean that you will automatically get the role, but they view you as someone who is ready for it.  Now you need to ask yourself why…
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