Are You Ready to Stop Being an Imposter?

Yesterday’s blog on the Imposter Complex talked about what it is and how to look at it differently.  I thought about it a lot yesterday after I wrote it and realized that being an imposter may me. What if you are feeling like an imposter, because you are meant to do something else in your career?  What if it is a message that means you need to look at things differently and really figure out your true purpose? Unfortunately, feeling like an imposter…
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Happy Halloween!

  Halloween is a great time to dress up and be somebody else!  It is so fun to see how creative people can be when they put on a costume and get to be someone else for the day.  Some people really get into decorating their houses, having contests and big parties to celebrate Halloween.   My favorite part is seeing all the little kids come to the door in their adorable costumes trying to remember to say “Trick or Treat”…
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Don’t turn me in. I am an Impostor!

I heard an interesting podcast today on the subject of being an impostor.  This is something that many people feel throughout their career.  Here are some of the questions that go through an impostor’s mind: “What if people find out I don’t know everything that I should?  What if they realize I am not ready for this role and they shouldn’t have given me the job?”   Does this sound like you? Surprisingly this happens to many high potential people, especially…
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