organizational change

Are You Ready For This Big Change?

​This week’s posts have focused on the impact that organizational change can have on the leaders and impacted individuals.  Today’s post is focused on how can an organization go through this change effectively.  If the leadership doesn’t plan strategically around this change, it can cause a lot of chaos. Some of these large scale changes like an acquisition or a merger can take a year or more to complete and finalize. The distraction factor is a major area of concern…
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What Is the Best Thing For Leaders to Do During Times of Change?

​As discussed in yesterday’s post, there were many things to consider for the person who is impacted by a major organizational change.  Going through this change can be an emotional rollercoaster.  Will they be impacted by the change?  Is there a way to try to look at it in a positive way and not see it as personal?  Have they started to prepare for this situation in advance of this occurring?   Using some of the ideas in yesterday’s post can…
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