Here is the Big Dilemma: Perfection or Excellence?

​Perfection is a slippery slope for a lot of people.  Whatever you do just never seems to be quite good enough.  You keep tweaking and adjusting things to make them better.  In most cases, it probably does make them better.  But does the extra time that you spend doing that work make them that much better?  This is the dilemma for those who seek out perfection.  Brene Brown breaks down what perfectionism really is. “It’s a way of thinking that…
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Heard of the Bullet Journal? Try it, it will change your life!

Over the last few months I have been trying out a bullet journal to plan my business and my life.   I had originally looked at this about a year ago on, but I never pursued using it.   In June of this year, I somehow ran across an article talking about a woman using a bullet journal in a pretty creative way.  I remembered that I had looked at it before, so I checked out her you tube videos.   Her…
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Let’s just let this perfection thing go….

I came across an article by Amanda Johnson called “The Common Misconceptions of Perfectionism.”  I totally agree with the myths of perfectionism that are highlighted in this article.   Why do we feel that we aren’t already perfect?  Why do we think that things have to be done in a certain way? I used to try to be “superwoman” by working a lot of hours, trying to do everything at home and getting very little sleep.  I was actually proud of…
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