Are You Prepared to Share Your Story?

​I was at a chamber of commerce event last night with over 70 booths and lots of attendees.   Many people came by our booth and chatted with us about coaching, our new program we are launching and having assessments done.  Having chocolate is never a bad thing, so a big container of Hershey’s miniature chocolates on our table was also a big draw.   I met people who were already helping people in their businesses, some who were looking to learn…
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 7/21/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes: questions to improve your success, websites to make you smarter, build a better culture, focus on building relationships, high performance, selling your ideas, seeing things from a different perspective, doing an assessment to learn more about yourself, how are you spending your time   Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes: 3 Powerful Questions Which Will Increase Your Chances of Success by Debbie Peck  Powerful questions can change your state and catapult…
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Are You Curious to Learn More About Yourself?

​I recently became certified in the DISC, Motivators and Hogan Assessments.  I have always liked doing assessments and have done many different ones throughout my career.  There are some slight variations that you may see if you take an assessment multiple times which can happen when you are at different career stages.  For the most part it has just helped me really get to know my natural tendencies even more.  These can be helpful as you are looking at how…
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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 7/17/17

  Client Question: “I keep sharing new ideas with my boss.  He listens to me, but always tells me why they won’t work.  What should I do differently?” Everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged for their ideas.  It is important as a leader to truly have an interactive conversation with your team members when they share their ideas.  They are putting themselves out there to share something and as a leader  you need to acknowledge and have a discussion. …
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/2/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  the power of your purpose, using open ended questions, holding people accountable, getting a raise, managerial courage, thinking outside the box to create new possibilities, using 4 simple questions to reflect on your day, improving your connector skills   Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes Ground Yourself in the Power Of Your Purpose @LollyDaskal  When it comes to living your purpose and leading with meaning, commitment and effectiveness are your foundation….
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Is Your Life Heading in the Right Direction?

The first two posts of this week were focused on an overview of tolerations and your physical space tolerations.  Yesterday’s post was targeting the financial tolerations that you may need to address.  Today’s post is focused on the tolerations that impact your health and your relationships.  The other tolerations are important, but these two need to be your priority. The tendency to put yourself last on the list generally occurs when you have a lot going on at work and…
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