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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 8/21/17

  Client Question: “My new role has remote employees in multiple locations.  What do I need to do to make sure I am leading them as if they were here locally with me?” Meeting them in person is the ideal first step.  If that isn’t possible due to financial concerns, then the most important element of managing people remotely is communication.   This is a bit easier to accomplish with the technology capabilities that we have now, but it needs to…
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 5/5/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  building influence, building relationships, connecting with remote workers, building self-esteem, achieving extraordinary success, what is influence, how can you build relationships with influencers, how can you build your influencing skills and preparing for your own influencing conversations.   Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes     How to Build Influence and Land That Leadership Role by Gordon Tredgold Leadership is all about influence, the more influence we have, the better the leader we…
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 3/31/17

​Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  becoming a great leader, building your legacy, managing remote workers, dealing with an indecisive boss, 10 mistakes new managers make, making a presentation with errors, career plan, culture of a team, and making assumptions Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes 5 Simple Ways Good Leaders Become Great @LollyDaskal … Nobody aspires to be just a good leader. Greatness is the goal, and these simple strategies can help you achieve it. How to…
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How Much Do You Really Care?

One of the people that used to report to me was remembering her Mother who had passed away in a really heartfelt post on Facebook. She was reporting to me at the time when her Mom was sick and as you can imagine have a difficult time with it. I had been in a similar position with my own Mom about 10 years before that so I could completely empathize with what she was going through. We used to meet…
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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 2/20/17

Monday Morning Leadership

​I am going to start using the Monday blog to share questions that I have received or case studies.   My intent is to be able to help others who may be facing similar challenges.   Feel free to send me questions or situations that you are facing and I will include them in future blogs. Today’s question:  “My team works in various locations and in multiple time zones.  What is the best way to stay connected with them and provide the…
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