Is Your Life Heading in the Right Direction?

The first two posts of this week were focused on an overview of tolerations and your physical space tolerations.  Yesterday’s post was targeting the financial tolerations that you may need to address.  Today’s post is focused on the tolerations that impact your health and your relationships.  The other tolerations are important, but these two need to be your priority. The tendency to put yourself last on the list generally occurs when you have a lot going on at work and…
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Do You Want the Secret to Changing Your Life?

                  I was thinking about stress, balance and how sleep impacts your life. Thanks to the world of electronics, you can track your sleep now. I started using an app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle to track my sleep. (you can try the free trial version.) I can see how much sleep I am getting, how often I wake up in the night and how that compares to averages and trends….
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5 Ways to Put Better Balance in Your Life

“You cannot be really first-rate at your work if your work is all you are.” – Anna Quindlen I saw this quote and it made me think about how much balance we have in our lives.  In my past, I had been known to have some (okay more than some ) workaholic tendencies at times.   This caused challenges when I had issues at work to deal with and my child was playing in a volleyball tournament.   I know you are…
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