Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 3/6/17

Monday Morning Leadership

  ​Today’s Question:   “My manager told me that I need to be more visible in our organization.  I don’t like to brag about myself, so how do I change that perception?” In your mind, you are doing your job every day and your manager knows what you are doing, so why do you need more visibility?   Unfortunately, you may be doing great things, but not everyone else in the organization knows about them.  Being visible means that your leadership is…
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Do you have what it takes to be visible?

I was listening to a podcast today that was talking about ways to get visibility as a leader.  It was very interesting to hear the guest speaker on the podcast truly practicing what he was preaching.   He was sharing helpful strategies for leaders to get more visibility and build connections.  At the same time, he was working into the conversation what he has done himself and how he connected with influential people to make it happen.  Visibility and self-promotion go…
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Coaching: What is it and why should I do it?

I recently sent out a survey to do some research on challenges that leaders have so I could build some coaching programs. Some of the responses included some questions about coaching and how it works. I thought it might be helpful to answer those questions here in this post. What is coaching? The International Coaching Federation who is the governing body of certification for coaches defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them…
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How can I build confidence to do more self-promotion?

It is great to be humble and modest, but there comes a time that you need to self-promote. Remember that you were hired for a reason. You have knowledge that others do not have and details that could make a difference in decisions that your management needs to know. Just start by interjecting a comment about what you are working on in a meeting, asking a question that shows you have thought about the conversation or sending a status report…
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