succession planning

Do You Have a Focus on Your Future?

Planning and preparation are key activities for a leader to focus on, especially at the beginning of a new role.  Understanding the work that your team does, building relationships and delivering against your priorities are a few examples to concentrate on.  However, there is one other planning activity that should happen at this time as well.  You need to start figuring out how to work yourself out of a job.  It seems illogical to do this so early in the…
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What Do You Need To Be Ready To Move On?

Have you thought about creating your own succession plan? You need to start working yourself out of a job almost as soon as you take it. This wasn’t one of the lessons that I learned early on, but I saw the importance of it as I progressed through my career. There are 4 major reasons that doing this will help you in the long run: You need to time to think and recharge your energy If you don’t prepare your…
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