Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 6/26/17

Monday Morning Leadership

Client Question: “I recently took over a new team, but we don’t seem to be connecting with each other very well. What can I do to make that happen?” Building the connections with a new team as soon as possible is very important. They want to know who you are, what your expectations are and that they can trust you. In my experience, having a “get to know each other” meeting early on sets up a good foundation. Sharing information…
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What Do You Need to Make an Executive Team Successful?

Over my career I have seen both effective and ineffective executive teams.  Working for an effective leadership team ensures that things run more smoothly in the organization, communication is clear and decisions get made pretty quickly.   The ineffective teams can cause major issues in productivity, lack of trust, slow decision making, confusion and poor morale.  These type of issues at an executive level are magnified and the ripple effects are felt across the organization. Part of the challenge of an…
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