How Can I Be Intentional About Networking?

Yesterday’s post was about visibility and being able to promote yourself.   One of the ways of doing that is through networking and connecting with others.  The word networking can sometimes bring up anxiety for people who are more introverted.  Walking into a room of people that they don’t know and having a conversation with any of them sounds worse than having a root canal.   Having a plan and knowing what to say may help to eliminate some of that anxiety….
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Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 3/6/17

Monday Morning Leadership

  ​Today’s Question:   “My manager told me that I need to be more visible in our organization.  I don’t like to brag about myself, so how do I change that perception?” In your mind, you are doing your job every day and your manager knows what you are doing, so why do you need more visibility?   Unfortunately, you may be doing great things, but not everyone else in the organization knows about them.  Being visible means that your leadership is…
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