Do You See Yourself as a Humble Leader?

​When you are trying to share a lesson with your team, do you share how you learned that lesson yourself?  In the article “4 Lessons You Learn About Humility While Ambitiously Chasing Success by Silvia Turnova, she talks about sharing more of yourself when you are trying to reach your goals.  She lists four lessons to consider: Being Humble – always remember where you came from and that others helped you get to where you are.  What are you doing…
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Should a Good Leader Admit to Being Wrong?

What is it about being a leader of a team or organization that makes you feel like you have to know everything?  Maybe it is part ego or that people expect leaders to make decisions and know what to do.  It took me a long time to admit that I am not perfect.  I have made many mistakes and learned some hard lessons along the way. You can’t go backwards, so you have to learn those lessons and do better…
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