Listen to Bob Newhart. Just Stop It!

There are so many people with so much anxiety in their lives. Some of it is their career or job that they chose and it may not be what they expected. Some of it may come in their personal lives by trying to keep up with everyone else, issues in their relationships or financial struggles. I even see it from kids in high school and college. They feel that they have to get the best grades, go to the best college and pick a career that will make them the most money. For those of us who are at a later stage in life, we know that getting good grades in high school and going to the best college doesn’t necessarily mean that you get the best job or have the highest paying job. I was not at the top of my class nor did I go to an ivy league college. In my own humble opinion, I did pretty well in my career and in my life. So when it comes to worry and anxiety, please just stop it!!

All of this anxiety will make you stressed to the point where you could get sick. Stress always comes out somehow or some way. Worrying about what will happen or what others think does absolutely no good. In many cases, you cannot change what will happen and you can’t control other people. You can only control your own response. Look for the positive in the situation. Believe in the positive intent of others. There is always a positive, you just need to look for it.

It is sad to see how external opinions drive the behavior of so many people. I used to be this person who sought out external validation on a regular basis. It took me many years to realize that what others think doesn’t matter. What I think is what is important. Unfortunately, many people don’t stop worrying what others think until later in life. If you need one more person to help you realize that you need to stop, then watch this hysterical clip from Bob Newhart.

START NOW!  Do what makes you happy. Be confident.  Do what you want to do and stop comparing yourself to others. They may be ahead sometimes and you may be ahead at other times. The journey that you are taking is what is important! Enjoy it. Be present for your family and friends. Those are the moments that are going to matter at the end of your life.

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