Heard of the Bullet Journal? Try it, it will change your life!

Over the last few months I have been trying out a bullet journal to plan my business and my life.   I had originally looked at this about a year ago on bulletjournal.com, but I never pursued using it.   In June of this year, I somehow ran across an article talking about a woman using a bullet journal in a pretty creative way.  I remembered that I had looked at it before, so I checked out her you tube videos.   Her name is Kara Benz and she runs an on-line business called Boho Berry.  On her video she walks through to show other people how she had adapted the bullet journal concept for herself.   The first video that I watched had over a half million views!  I watched the rest of her videos to get more ideas.  I checked out her website to see what notebook and pens she was using.  I ordered them from Amazon and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.  I started following her on her Facebook Group and her Instagram.   I found out that there are so many people out there using the bullet journal now and I have to tell you that it has really helped me.  (By the way all the people using this call it BuJo for short.  I just want you to be in the know on the acronyms!)

So how has this helped me?   I have always been good at getting things done, but not really a planner.   Just ask my husband.  Once I started using this bullet journal process I began tracking the habits that I wanted to ensure I was doing every day as well as planning out what I wanted to accomplish each day, week and month.  I use it to track goals, workouts, things that I have accomplished throughout the month and memories of things that occurred.  I include books I have read, quotes that motivate me and notes from articles that I read that day.  Some people track their budgets, track expenses, plan trips, track their food, plan their meals, etc in their bullet journals.  You can use it for whatever you want.

I really wanted to thank Kara ( https://twitter.com/BohoBerry)  for all that she has done to share this information.  She has a great tribe of people following her now and she continues to come up with new ideas to try.  Here is the link to Kara’s you tube channel: Boho Berry You Tube Channel.   I could never do justice in words to what she shares in her videos.  If you are interested in the resources that I use for the Bullet Journal, please click on this link: Susan M Barber Bullet Journal Resources

What I love about the Bullet Journal is that it is the perfect blend of using both your right and left brain – especially good for visual people who love colors!  What is unexpected about doing this is that it is helping me get over my perfectionist tendencies, be more creative and be accountable to myself.   I have shared what I have learned with some people that I am coaching and they are also now doing it too.   I know in the world of electronics; this is pretty old school.  Before you judge, watch her videos and give it a try to see if it works for you.  You might just find that you are going to be a BuJo person too!

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