What will your leadership legacy look like?


As I read the article, The Leaders Imprint by Scott Mabry, it struck me how much every decision and action we take as a leader can leave in Scott’s words, an “Imprint” on others who work for us.   Being critical of our team members on a regular basis has a lasting impact on them.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, people don’t leave organizations, they leave managers.  Being too critical causes people to doubt themselves, shut down, become disengaged or leave the organization.

Your reaction to situations and conversations is key.  Taking a positive approach by asking questions, coaching them through difficulties and standing up for them in front of others is what will help them be able to fail forward.   They can try new things, take risks and become more resilient without feeling like they will fall out of your favor and be criticized.  It is no different than a parent who is constantly critical of a child.  The child begins to doubt their self-worth, their abilities and feels that their parent doesn’t love them anymore.   Children learn from their parents and employees learn from their leaders.   Be the leader that everyone sees as a positive role model.

Remember why you were chosen to be a leader.  Your responsibility as a leader is to set the vision, achieve the goals as a team, set a good example, and develop future leaders. Think about the great leaders that you had in your career and how they helped you move forward.  Decide what kind of legacy you want to leave in your organization and on your team.  Read the attached article to help you focus on living out that legacy with the choices that you make each and every day.

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