Do you have what it takes to be visible?


I was listening to a podcast today that was talking about ways to get visibility as a leader.  It was very interesting to hear the guest speaker on the podcast truly practicing what he was preaching.   He was sharing helpful strategies for leaders to get more visibility and build connections.  At the same time, he was working into the conversation what he has done himself and how he connected with influential people to make it happen.  Visibility and self-promotion go hand in hand.   The better you are at self-promotion, the more visibility you will drive for yourself and your team.

It got me to thinking about the number of leaders who spend doing self-promotion on a regular basis.  This needs to be something that a leader focuses on with intention.  For some people, this comes very naturally.  They just seem to be able to easily share what they are doing to make sure everyone knows.  Leaders need to create visibility not only for themselves but also for their teams and their accomplishments.  A leader’s sphere of influence can have an impact on things either positively or negatively.  It is important that as a leader you are creating visibility by communicating not only what is going on, but also sharing how you are influencing those outcomes.   If you are looking for some recommendations on how to do more self-promotion, you can check out one of my previous articles: How can I build confidence to do more self-promotion?

Are you doing what you need to do to be a visible leader?   If you are looking for help to create more visibility for you and your team, set up time with me for a complimentary session.


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