The Chicago Cubs: A Great Example of Making the Impossible Possible


I am a big sports fan and wanted to share that two sports teams in Chicago had two big days this week.   My Chicago Bears won on Monday Night Football.  They have not had the best record this year, but I am happy that they did well and it helped me win in fantasy football this week.   Tonight’s big event was seeing the Chicago Cubs Baseball team tie up the World Series!   I am so excited for them and hopefully tomorrow they will beat the Cleveland Indians to win the whole thing!

The Cubs are looking at winning this for not only themselves but for the entire city of Chicago and the many fans who have been following them for so long.  To me, this demonstrates such great leadership by their management to bring such a young group of players together to reach the ultimate goal in baseball.   So many leaders outside of baseball can learn from this as they bring their own teams together to reach a big goal that seems impossible.

I posted my first Facebook Live video tonight congratulating the Cubs on their win in my Facebook Group.  I talked on the video about how calm the Chicago Cubs have been and especially the Cubs Manager, Joe Madden in the face of how excited they must be feeling inside.   They are showing so much grace, maturity, and teamwork as they come together to make this happen.   The Cubs are an amazing example of the ability to bring a team together to show everyone that the impossible, may actually be possible.

Best of luck to the Chicago Cubs tomorrow night!  If you are not already part of my Facebook Group and would like to be, here is the link.  Creating Leadership Connections Facebook Group  You know you wouldn’t want to miss my future live videos and the amazing leaders that we have in the group supporting each other in our leadership journeys.

P.S.  Heard the Chicago Blackhawks also won tonight!   Maybe the Chicago Bulls will win tomorrow as well. 

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