The Chicago Cubs Face Adversity to Win the 2016 World Series!


It is the final game of the World Series tonight.  The Chicago Cubs led for most of game 7 and then the Cleveland Indians tie it up 6-6 in the 8th inning, which forced them to go into extra innings.   This could have caused the Cubs to wonder if they had it in them to come back from this adversity.  Their usual closing pitcher is worn out due to all the pitches he has thrown over the last three days.  Then it starts to rain on top of everything else and they have to take a rain delay.  More adversity.

For those of you who weren’t watching the end of the game and went to bed (WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??)  The Cubs scored 2 runs in the 10th inning and the Indians came back and scored another run.  Now it is Cubs 8 and Indians 7.  Unbelievable drama and everyone is holding their breath.  It took a while, but the final out happens and the ….CUBS WIN!  It is almost midnight Chicago time and I can hear fireworks going on outside in my neighborhood.  Everyone was pulling for them to win and they did it!

This is the perfect example of how to handle adversity.  Believe in yourself and your team that you will do what needs to be done to get the win.   Being able to stay calm in the moment where it feels like it could slip away very easily says a lot about them.  Never give up no matter what is thrown at you.  If another problem arises, then you pull together to find a way to solve it.  The team said they came together during the rain delay to let each other know how much they believed in each other, that they wouldn’t quit and that they could win this game.   Adversity can bring a team together and make them stronger, just trust each other and know that you can do it!!!

Congratulations to the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!   

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