Lessons to Share With My Younger Self


Have you ever thought about what kind of advice you would give to your younger self?    The advice could be about relationships, career and just life in general.  There is a whole long list of things that I would share with my younger self if I could.  I guess this is why they say “if I could only go back in time with what I know now.”  Would your current experiences, education, and knowledge help you make better decisions and allow you to be able to move through changes faster?  Maybe, but it is important to recognize that your own experiences teach you so many lessons as well.

During my career, I have learned many lessons that I have shared with others who are just getting started in their careers.   The intent is that they would learn from me and be able to avoid the mistakes that I made.  People can also move faster by seeking out mentors and coaches to help them leverage knowledge and perspective.

As I read this article by Bernard Marr, 10 Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late  it made me wonder why do we learn these lessons too late?   Is it that we are stubborn and naïve when we are young so we don’t really listen?   Or is that we aren’t mature enough yet, to really see the bigger picture and recognize that we have choices we can make in our own lives.   Some of the reason may be that as we get older we stop reacting so much, trying to control things, worrying about what others think, we aren’t so competitive and we start to see that our reactions are less about other people and more about ourselves.

Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time  We can only move forward.  Your goal may be to complete a project, get a promotion or to have success in whatever way you define it.  Being able to leverage lessons from an article or learning from others it is a great way to move forward more quickly.    If you are looking for a coach to help you build awareness, then I can help you.  Just reach out and set up time for a complimentary session: http://susanmbarber.com/schedule-an-appointment/.

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