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The beginning of the year is the time of the year to clean the slate and try new things.   What things have you been thinking about, but haven’t put into action yet?   What is holding you back?  So many people that I work with have a lot of dreams and aspirations for change to occur, but are hesitant to try.   So let’s clean the slate and try a new approach.

Write down the two or three things that you want to be different in your life or your career by the end of 2017.   Don’t worry about whether they are possible or not, just write them down.   Share them with other people so they know about the things that you want in your life.  If you talk about something in a passionate way and why it is important to you, people will be drawn to help you.   Writing them down and talking about them helps you to start seeing and believing that they are possible.   People that you know will genuinely want to help you if you talk about it with them.  Maybe they have a new idea of how to accomplish it or know someone else who could help you.

This approach absolutely works.   I have clients that spoke up for what they wanted and they have now started to see those things happen for them.   Now you have a choice to make.  Keep what you want to yourself and things will stay the same or use your voice to say what you want and see great things happen for you!

If you haven’t heard about the Re-VISION Coaching Program, this would be a great time to find out more.   Spending time in this program is a great way to help you focus on what you want and work with a group of people who will support you in reaching your goals!   Here is the link where you can learn more about the program and what is included: Re-Vision Program.



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