Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 02/03/17

Every week I find articles, quotes, etc that I save and share on Facebook or re-tweet on Twitter about leadership.  I also have a theme day in my Facebook Group for leaders called Fantastic Resource Friday.  I thought it would be helpful to share these articles, links to Ted Talks, Quotes and my Creating Leadership Connections blogs with you each week in an easy to read summary format.
Each Friday, I will create this summary including the links and a small excerpt from the article.   The author may have some additional links to other articles that they have written as well.
Feel free to send me any favorite articles and they may show up in the following week’s summary! 🙂

Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes

My Leadership Posts from this week:

  • Quick Ways to Get the Word Out:
    • How to quickly communicate with your team when you have very little time
  • Are you Sending the Right Messages:
    • Are you sending non-verbal cues that may be distorting your message?
  • Are you ready to improve your communications?
    • How to ensure that you communicate with fewer misunderstandings
  • Have you forgotten something important today?
    • Are you ensuring that your communication is happening consistently?

My Podcast appearances that launched this week:

Have a Great Weekend!!

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