How Are You Motivating Your Team to Deliver Big Things?

​I was reading an article about Walt Disney the other day.  He wanted to find a way to start making movies but wasn’t able to get the money to do it initially.  He had already opened Walt Disneyland and thought if he could generate more money through the park, he could make his movies.  He had a big vision and he was very motivated.
Walt asked for help and a group of people was pulled together to generate ideas.  They had to think out of the box and be able to tap into things that weren’t already being done.  They identified a way to get more people to come into the park by starting a club for corporate members to give discounted tickets to their employees.  The people who came to the park on those days spent so much on toys that it generated the money Walt Disney needed to get started making movies.  He rewarded his team with stock and a cash bonus at Christmas time delivered by Mickey Mouse himself.   He told them how much he appreciated them and asked them if they could do it again.
They took on that challenge and went back to the office on Christmas afternoon. They were now very motivated by what they had been given and wanted to make it happen again. They came up with a second idea to keep the park open later and just invite High School seniors.  This idea was also very successful and they were once again rewarded by having Mickey Mouse deliver more cash and a car for each of them.
Walt Disney was able to share his motivation with the team to accomplish his objective.  They saw the potential of what he wanted to do and came up with great ideas to help him accomplish it.   He tapped into what would motivate them by giving them a challenge, recognizing their efforts and giving them some large financial incentives.  Enrolling others in your vision to help you deliver your goal creates the motivation for them as well.  Are you tapping into your team to motivate them to deliver big things and rewarding them for their efforts?


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