Need Some Motivation? How About This?

We have all watched inspiring stories of people who accomplished great things, but their lives started out very differently.  All of those people had a dream and a story about the journey that helped them get there.  They sacrificed a lot in their lives, because they were so motivated to accomplish their dream.   For many people, this journey will never happen.  When they think about doing something different, the voice inside their head tries to talk them out of it.  A bunch of excuses come out one after the other telling them why they can’t do it.   That voice is trying to protect them.
What about you? Do you ever feel that you should have already attained a certain measure of success?   Is it too late for you to do what you really want in life?  You will hear your own list of excuses in your head of why it can’t be done.  If you are really motivated, then you have to appreciate that the voice is trying to protect you, but do it anyway!
Even if you are still on the fence about trying it, I am hoping that watching the link below will motivate you to change your mind. These are stories about some great people who attained their success after they turned 40.  They had a dream to do something different and although it may have taken them some time to get there, they did it!  Why can’t that be you?
People who became successful after age 40
Speaking of motivation….Are you ready to move forward and sign up for the ReVISION Group Coaching Program?  The support of a group is a great way to motivate you to move forward on your goals for this year and accomplish more than ever before!   It isn’t too late!!
Here are the dates for the upcoming sessions:
February 20th session will begin at 7:00pm (CST)
February 21st sessions will begin at 8:00am (CST) and Noon (CST)
If you haven’t heard about the program yet or would like more information, you can click on this link.  

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