Are You Ready? It’s Time to Celebrate!

​One of the things that I encourage my clients to do is to celebrate their big accomplishments!  When you are in the middle of a big project for example, you can get mired in all the details.  You don’t always pick your head up to look back and see what has been completed.  These are the opportunities to provide some perspective about what you have done and it gives you motivation to get to the finish line!

I have mentioned in previous blogs that I didn’t always do the best job at celebrating my own accomplishments.  I tended to downplay them and see them as no big deal.  I used to think that doing those things were just a part of my job.  I have learned that it is a big deal and you need to celebrate them!    I encourage you to think about what you accomplished today, this week or on a big project.   Even if you have had a bad day, there is always something good that happened, you just need to be intentional about looking for it.   Keep track of these good things and you will have a great list to look back on later.

In order to practice what I preach, I wanted to share two big milestones that are happening for me today!     This blog that I publish today is number 100!  I really had my doubts initially that I would be able to do this every weekday.  Putting my thoughts down and sending it out into the world was something that I had never really done before and it was a bit scary.  I have received such great feedback from people and I have found that it really has been a great experience.   In December, my cousin Kim (who is also a coach) and I came up with the idea to put together a group coaching program called ReVISION.  I am happy to share that it is kicking off today and we are very excited to have 6 people joining us for the program!  Looking forward to a great 6 weeks with this wonderful group of people.

I share these accomplishments to encourage you to think about what you have been waiting to try.  What could you do in the next 6 months that would be amazing for you?  What if you tried them and turned those things into a reality?  You could be the next one writing about your big accomplishments and sharing them with the world!

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