Are You Playing to the Team’s Strengths?

One of the first things that I did with my teams was to look at the strengths of each of the team members.   Having them go through the Strengths 2.0 assessment from the Gallup Organization is a great way to capture their top 5 strengths.  (*Here is my Amazon affiliate link to the book if you are interested in taking the test yourself or having your team take it –   For those who have never done this assessment before, they are usually amazed at the accuracy of the assessment.   It also provides a lot of insight into their strengths and action plans to maximize them.

Pulling together the list of strengths for each of your team members and then looking at it across your whole team is a great exercise for a leader.  Sharing this information with the whole team so each person can see the strengths of each other is really beneficial.  Talking about the strengths of each of the team members in detail is also helpful to understand as they work together.

What can the whole team learn from this?

  • How to leverage the strengths of each other to get things done.
  • Collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Delegate the work to the people who excel at activities in the area of their strengths
  • Better understand what drives the people on the team and how they approach things

Everyone is unique and offers their own set of strengths to the team and the organization.  There are no right or wrong strengths to have.  The leader’s role is to ensure that those strengths are leveraged in the best way. Evaluate whether the changes in the organization continue to play to your team’s strengths and make adjustments when needed.  Having a diverse team with a variety of different strengths will provide multiple perspectives and make your team that much stronger.

(* I may get a small commission as an Amazon affiliate, but I only  promote the things that I have used myself and have found to be beneficial. I hope you do too!)

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