Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 4/17/17

Monday Morning Leadership

Today’s Question:  How can I eliminate the tolerations that I have in my life?

What is a toleration?  These are the things that stress you out every day, but they haven’t caused you enough “pain” to make a change to them yet.  Here is an easy example of a toleration.  You have a messy closet that you need to clean out.  There are things in there that you aren’t wearing anymore that you should donate or throw out.  However, you have other priorities, so cleaning out your closet falls to the bottom of the to do list.  A few months go by and your closet is getting worse, you hate to even look at it, but still you don’t do anything to address it.  How many of you can relate to that example?

Tolerations will drain you after a while.  Let’s go back to the example.  Think about how you feel when you go into a messy closet.  It takes away your energy and you get mad at yourself, because you haven’t already done something about it.  Imagine how you would feel after you have cleaned it out and it looks really nice?  Wouldn’t you feel happier and have more energy when you go into your closet now?  This is just one example of a toleration.  Think about how many of these you may be dealing with in your life?   How are these tolerations affecting your mood, energy, creativity and happiness?

Learning about tolerations was a big lesson for me.  I really had no idea how much I was tolerating and needed to change.  These aren’t just things about the physical space around you.  Tolerations can impact you in all areas of your life.  A few of the categories where they show up are in your relationships, finances and health.  Even making a few changes to eliminate them will make you feel like you have more energy.  It will also motivate you to clear out even more of the tolerations that are weighing you down.  I am going to focus on the different kinds of tolerations that you may be experiencing in this week’s post.  I will share some of my own examples to help you think about how to eliminate them from your life for good.

​Are there tolerations that you have been dealing with in your life?   Would you be interested in working with me to eliminate them?  Let’s set up some time to discuss how you can do that:

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