How Do You Feel in the Place That You Live?

Yesterday’s post on tolerations talked about the overview of what a toleration is and how it can get in the way of you having what you want.  Today’s blog will be focused on your physical space which is one of the types of tolerations that you may experience in your life.

I will give you a couple of examples of how the physical space tolerations were impacting me.

I have a stove that was there when we moved into the house.  At some point a couple of the burners stopped lighting properly and then just quit working altogether.  I still had two other burners and I didn’t really need to use them all at once, so I just kept putting off getting someone in to fix it. This only became a real problem  at Thanksgiving time!  I went for a few years without getting this simple thing fixed.  The pain of it wasn’t big enough for me to do something about it and I was crazy busy, so it got pushed to the back burner.  (lol…I had to do it)

The other thing is that we had a living room that no one really ever used.  It didn’t have a TV in it, so it just wasn’t somewhere that people would normally gather.  My sister asked me why we didn’t just put a TV up over the fireplace?  Seems like a logical question, but it also seemed like there would be work to make that happen.  There were other places to watch TV, so it also didn’t seem like a priority.   We made a decision to remodel our master bath about a year ago.  When we did that, the other house projects that needed to be done were added to the list which took us into a much more extensive remodel.  One of these projects was to get new furniture,  paint and remodel our living room fireplace which allowed us to put a TV in there.  We use that room all the time now!

It made me realize that we didn’t use our living room, because it really wasn’t a place we loved.  We didn’t really want to be in there.  It was dull and kind of depressing.  I love that room now and all the other remodeling that we completed.   I would not have guessed that making these changes would impact me and how I felt just being here.  I didn’t realize that the way it was before and the old furniture was bringing me down.  I always had too many other things going on and so I just didn’t do anything about it.   I will publicly thank my sister for pointing out the obvious to me, but it was the right time for us to make these changes in our life and in our house.

Take a look around at your space and ask if it is bringing you energy or bringing you down?  You don’t have to do a big remodel, but can you make simple changes to make it better for you?   It may be a simple as decluttering a bit, moving furniture around, painting a wall or getting a new piece of furniture.  This is a process that takes time, so you don’t have to be crazy and do it all at once like I did.  Do one space at a time until you feel good about it.  Just make sure that it makes you happy and brings you more energy!

Are there tolerations that you have been dealing with in your life?   Would you be interested in working with me to eliminate them?  Let’s set up some time to discuss how you can do that:

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