Do You Know How to Improve Your Influencing Skills?

Being an influencer is not only for those who are in management.  This is a skill that can be used at any level in the organization.  It is something that you can practice and build upon as you progress in your career.  In this article by Jayson DeMers called 7 Ways to Build Influence in the Workplace he details 7 strategies to building this skill for yourself.

  1. Build trust with co-workers – It is just common sense.  If you want to be able to influence someone, then they need to trust you.
  2. Cultivate Reliability through Consistency – Remember that actions speak louder than words and your actions need to be consistent if you want others to rely on you.
  3. Be assertive, not aggressive – Be assertive and speak with confidence when you are influencing others.  Being too aggressive can turn people off, make them defensive and they won’t be open to your ideas.
  4. Be Flexible – Remain open in conversations and demonstrate your flexibility.  When you listen to others and take into account their perspective there may need to be some compromise to achieve a win-win.
  5. Be Personal – Build relationships with the people that you work with so that you already have that foundation when you are sharing your ideas.
  6. Focus on Actions Rather Than Argument – Arguing your point is not going to win people over.  Show them how this idea will work through examples.
  7. Listen to Others – Demonstrate that you are really hearing what other people are saying to you and that you are open to conversation.  Build trust with them and they will be more open to listening to you.

This quote from the article really shows why being an influencer and doing it correctly is important: “Influence is an extraordinary asset in the professional world, but remember, your goal here should be to become more respected in the workplace, not to increase the likelihood of getting others to do your bidding.”  How can you take what you have learned and  practice your influencing skills today?

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