Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 5/26/17

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This week’s summary includes:  Being an inclusive leader, does your leadership add or subtract value, how can you be persuasive, building a cohesive team, defining leadership, asking for what you want, focus on what could go right, how can your leadership continue to impact others

Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes
  • “Portrait of an Inclusive Leader” by @benjaminclusion
    • The inclusive leader creates an environment where dissent isn’t viewed as negativity, or being difficult; but an obligation.
  • You can’t base your ideas of success on other people’s expectations.” ~ @LollyDaskal
  • Are You Adding Value Or Subtracting Value? |@LollyDaskal|
    • Adding value doesn’t occur by accident, nor is it something that happens on its own, like the tides. The best leaders add value intentionally by knowing what is important and making choices based on that knowledge.
  • Be the Most Persuasive Person in the Room: 9 Things Highly Influential People Do by Jeff Haden
    • Sometimes facts, logic, and reasoning aren’t enough. Here’s how the most persuasive people make a great argument even more convincing
  • 12 Powerful Ways To Create A Cohesive Team by @LollyDaskal
    • There’s nothing better to have on your side than a great team—one where work and ideas flow easily, where people support and enjoy each other and are invested in each other’s success.
  • Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama
My Leadership Posts from this week:
  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 5/22/17
    • Client Question: How do you define leadership?”
  • Are You Willing to Ask for What You Want?
    • Are you willing to take risks and ask for what you want?
  • Can You Focus on What Could Go Right?
    • Remember that your thoughts drive your actions, so believing that you can accomplish the first step makes a big difference.
  • Is Today the Day That You Will Make a Difference for Someone?
    • How will your leadership make an impact to someone long after you are with them?


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