Are You Ready to Create Some New Memories?

It was a cloudy day today in Florida, but still pretty warm here. There is a Cold Stream Creamery next door to where we are staying, so the kids decided to go get some ice cream. My 8 year old niece’s face lit up with so much excitement as she put on her sandals and grabbed her purse. Already a born leader at such a young age, she was getting the others organized to get going so they could get there. Many other people in the area had also decided to get ice cream, so there was a really long line to get into the store. Once inside, they found that there were so many choices. She shared with me that they could pick any flavor and put any toppings on that they wanted. Then you could pick the size and if you wanted it in a cone or a cup. Apparently the employees will also sing you a song if you haven’t been there before. She said it that it made her feel special and joyful when they sang and they were nice to her.

There are three take-aways that I had from this conversation with her.

• Be present and enjoy the little things
As I was listening to her and watching her facial expressions, I am reminded just how exciting it can be to enjoy the little things. Once we become adults, we tend to stop doing that somewhere along the way. We become so busy and don’t always take the time to just be present and enjoy what is happening in the moment. Being around kids is a great reminder of this for me. They experience things just as they are occurring. How does that change for us as we grow into adults? When do we stop taking the time to enjoy the great things that are happening around us?

• Create a great experience for someone else
The way that the employees in the ice cream store treated my niece is something that she will remember for a very long time. Every time she goes into a Cold Stone Creamery she will remember how she was treated and that it is a place that makes her feel happy. You can create a great experience for other people when you interact with them on a daily basis. What are some small things that you can do that will make a difference for someone else? Can you make someone else feel special?

• Enjoy your time with your family
Vacations are all about taking the time to relax and enjoy time with family. In my past, I haven’t always taken advantage of the time off and I continued to work when I shouldn’t have. Everyone needs time away to re-charge their batteries. Spending time doing new things or even just playing games brings you together. This is all about creating memories for them and for you to enjoy them as well. Don’t miss out on these opportunities when they come along. Enjoy the time while you are there and work when you get back!

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