Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/16/17

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This week’s summary includes:  earning credibility, inspirational quotes, chasing your vision, best leaders are great coaches, putting together an organizational strategy, making choices in your life, are you creating memories, can you create your best day today?


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes


  • 25 Inspirational Quotes By The Highest Performing CEO’s 
    •  25 of the most awe inspiring, moving, and motivational quotes by famous CEO’s and business leaders, as a way of motivating you to go out and better yourself, and maximize your full potential.


  • Are You Chasing Your Vision or Simply Dreaming It?  by Max Weigand
    • No progress can happen until you get crystal clear on what exactly it is you want and how to get there. That´s the true difference between a vision and a dream; Having a plan that will make your goals come true and then acting upon it.


  • The Best Leaders Are Great Coaches @LollyDaskal 
    • Great leadership is made up of numerous different elements and roles, which come together differently in different leadership styles. One role that’s often overlooked is that of serving as a coach.


  • “The very fact of doing something that is out of your comfort zone slays the monsters and dragons of fear and doubt on the spot.”


My Leadership Posts from this week:


  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 6/12/17
    • Client Question:  “I have been asked to put together an organizational strategy for my group.  Where do I start?”


  • Are You Ready to Stand Up and Make a Choice?
    • Things happen every day and when they do we have a choice to make.  What will your choice be?


  • Are You Ready to Create Some New Memories?
    • What is important to focus on in your life


  • Create Your Best Day Today
    • Take a look around and take in the good things around you



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