Are You The Leader That You Want To Be?

One of the things that is a challenge as a leader is to be authentic to who you are. Without realizing it, you may become what others want you to be. It isn’t something that you may even recognize right away. You begin conforming into what is expected based on feedback from your management or peers. If you are moving towards the person that you want to be then that is okay. But if it is conflicting with your values and who you are, then you need to step back and re-evaluate.

If you haven’t already spent the time understanding who you are previously, it is not too late. Get feedback from others about what they see in you as a leader. What strengths do they see? What do they think you could improve on? Evaluate what you hear and assess what you may want to continue doing or change? What are the values that you have and are you being true to them? No one is perfect and there are always things that you could improve on, but make sure that these are changes that you want to do and not what others want you to do.

When you first take over a team you have a lot to learn very quickly. You jump right into doing the job, learning content, the team, the clients, etc. It is easy to get pulled into many directions and feel overwhelmed. Grounding yourself with the knowledge of who you are and the type of leader that you want to be will always be the foundation that you come back to for decisions and the actions that you take each day. Be true to yourself and your leadership will grow as a result.

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