Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/23/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!

This week’s summary includes: ways to be a respected leader, signs that you are doing better than you think, self-aware leaders, optimizing your communication, stop being a boss and be a leader, being a leader not a doer, don’t focus only on results, know who you are as a leader, building a strong executive team

Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes
  • 6 Key Ways to Become a Highly Respected Leader By Andy Margison
    • Master these skills and you will have laid the foundation to become a great leader
  • 12 Sure Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think Are @LollyDaskal
    • Sometimes, we don’t know how good we have it until we actually pay attention.
  • Are You a Self-Aware Leader? Are You a Self Aware Leader? by Tasha Eurich
    • Organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich believes that becoming more self-aware can lead to greater success personally and professionally.
  • Purpose Drives Productivity: 5 Steps to Optimize Communication for Your Workforce via @MeghanMBiro
    • The pointless 9-to-5 grind is dead. Today, people need a purpose in their work. They want to be part of something, and our corporate communication needs to reflect this — to actually reach the people.
  • Why You Should Stop Being a Boss and Start Being a Leader @LollyDaskal
    • The way you approach being in charge–whether you’re running a corporation, a civic organization, or a neighborhood bake sale–is a huge factor in the group’s achievement. Think about the differences before you step up.
  • “Don’t just focus on the destination, focus on the journey, it may take you somewhere better than you ever imagined.” Adam Buschbacher
My Leadership Posts from this week:
  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 6/19/17
    • Client Question: “I have been a leader of a team for about 6 months. I feel like I am doing okay at it, but I know I am still acting like a doer instead of a leader. What should I be doing differently?”
  • Do You Need to Choose Results Over Engagement?
    • Can you focus on both results and engagement as a leader?
  • Are You The Leader That You Want To Be?
    • Do you know who you are and the type of leader you want to be?
  • What Do You Need to Make an Executive Team Successful?
    • How good and bad executive teams can impact an organization and some resources to use to get back on track
My Podcast appearance that launched this week:

Listen to my interview on the Natural Born Coaches podcast with host Marc Mawhinney by clicking on this link:

  • Marc interviews Coaches on his podcast to share their story with others who are on the same journey of being a coach and owning their own business
  • Feel free to listen and leave a comment!

Podcast Topic:

  • Building a Leadership Coaching Business
  • “It’s just helping (leaders) understand that to really help motivate their teams and work with their teams in a better way, it’s building that relationship.”

Marc has been a great mentor to me and has really helped me with some great ideas to move my business forward.

Find out more about Marc and his podcast here :

He also has a great Facebook group called The Coaching Jungle if you are a coach and are interested in joining.

Join the Leadership Conversation in my Private Facebook Group:


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