How Can Your Interactions Make a Difference Today?

​Yesterday I had a call with someone that I used to work with, but haven’t talked to in many years.  We shared a few messages on LinkedIn every once in awhile, but that was about the extent of our chats before yesterday.  He wanted to congratulate me on what I was doing and let me know that I was doing some great things that would help a lot of people.   He also wanted to see if I would be interested in an opportunity that he knew about and thought I may want to consider.

My first thought after the conversation is that you don’t realize how the interactions that you have with people can have such a lasting impact.   He reminded me of a tough situation that he and I were a part of and how he admired my courage in how I dealt with it.  There were a couple of situations along the way that he supported me on and I truly appreciated his help.   He continues to offer that same support for me today in my new career.

I share this story with you so you can consider your own interactions.   We have them with so many people each day in the workplace and in our personal lives. What happens when you have an interaction with someone?  Did you offer to help the person with something that they may need?  Did you take the time to just ask them how they are doing?  Offer them a compliment on what they are doing?  Did you accept the help that they may be offering to you?

You never know how that one interaction that you have with someone may make a huge difference in their lives.  You may not learn about how you helped them today, tomorrow or ever, but knowing that you did your best to create a positive connection will always come back to you in a positive way.

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