Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/30/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!   


This week’s summary includes: one on one meeting checklist, how do you learn, be a real leader and a great manager, what is your purpose, defining roles, connecting with a team, how are you interacting with others, generating creative ideas, getting yourself unstuck


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes:

  • The Only One On One Meeting Checklist You Will Ever Need One on One Meeting Checklist by David Hassell
    • One on ones are the most high leverage thing a manager can do to directly impact team productivity, morale and engagement.


  • How you Learn is How You Live by Skip Prichard How You Learn is How You Live
    • One of the secrets to happiness and success is to become a lifelong learner.



  • How Do You Define And Pursue A Compelling Purpose? By Natalie Barba
    • Instead of asking yourself where you’ll be, ask yourself what drives you.



  • “What you think about the most or focus on the most will materialize, so get creative and focus on what you want.”


My Leadership Posts from this week:

  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 6/26/17
    • Client Question: “I recently took over a new team, but we don’t seem to be connecting with each other very well. What can I do to make that happen?”


  • How Can Your Interactions Make a Difference Today?
    • You never know how that one interaction that you have with someone may make a huge difference in their lives.



  • Are You Stuck and Unsure How to Move Forward?
    • What can you do to get yourself moving forward when you are stuck


My Podcast appearance that launched recently:

Listen to my interview on the Smashing the Plateau podcast with host David Shriner-Cahn by clicking on this link:


  • The focus of Smashing the Plateau is that no matter how successful you are, there’s probably at least one area where roadblocks are keeping you from fully achieving your goals. Every expert interviewed on our podcast has one thing in common– they all know how to fix problems that keep people and businesses stuck.
  • Feel free to listen and leave a comment!


Podcast Topic:

  • How to take feedback while staying authentic and true to yourself
  • Strategies for finding the right mentor or coach


Find out more about David and his podcast here :


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