Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July for all of those in the US today! I went to see the Hamilton play not that long ago. It really brings home what it took for us to create our independence. Creating our government and things like our banking system, etc that did not exist before. It made me realize how much I had forgotten from all of those history classes! Such courage and bravery to create the democracy that America is built on.

Many people see this as a day off of work, cookouts and fireworks. It is a celebration to be shared with family and friends which is also so important. I have many great memories of spending every 4th of July with my family all day long and watching fireworks at night. We didn’t have smartphones back then, so we played board games, talked and cooked out. I didn’t realize how great those times were until I was much older!

Have a safe and happy holiday today. Enjoy the fireworks wherever you may be watching. I am off to hang out with my family who are visiting from out of town today!

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