Are You Going to Be the Person to Make It Happen?

​I am really grateful that there are so many ways to stay in touch with people electronically using LinkedIn, Facebook, Text and Email. Snapchat is also another way (and sometimes the only way) to connect with the millennials in your life. I am by no means an expert on that one, but it is a great way to connect to them. All of these electronic options have definitely helped me and many others stay connected when we left our jobs and moved onto other places. What I have realized though, is that it can’t replace the contact that you have with people in person or minimally on the phone. I have been very intentional this year to connect with some of the people that I haven’t seen for quite a while. It just takes somebody to get the idea out there and make it happen!
It can be as simple as a half hour phone call or a quick lunch. I have been reaching out to people and doing this for the past few months. It is such a great way to reconnect with them on their personal and professional lives. In other cases, there is a little more scheduling that is required, but just put the idea out there. I did a Facebook note to friends from High School and now most of my group of friends are meeting in two weeks! Planning some time to meet around a business trip is another way to connect with people that you haven’t seen in a long time. I am very excited to get to meet up with some of my friends this coming week!

There is always a lot going on, but if you don’t try to connect with people, it will never happen. Getting together to remember the great times you spent together is always so much fun. You can also do something new together like plan a trip or go to a concert/play to create new memories and shared experiences together. The most important thing is to get together though, so you can also just meet somewhere for coffee or ice cream! It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant or a weekend getaway. My goal with this post was to get you to think about reconnecting with people in your own lives. I hope that I have inspired you to be the person to get the idea out there and actually make it happen!

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