Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 7/7/17

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This week’s summary includes: How to stop saying yes, ways to bring out the best in others, building company confidence in a first time leader, how to be a future leader, getting everything done, 4th of July, know your worth, are you ready to reconnect?


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes:



  • “The mind is everything. What you think you become” – Buddha


  • Six Habits of People Who Know How To Bring Out The Best In Others by Stephanie Vozza 
    • As a leader, the most important part of your job isn’t your results. Your job is to inspire your employees’ results. Here’s how.



  • You’re a future leader if you do these 4 things as a follower by Victor Ng
    • What makes a great follower? Here are four ways to separate yourself from the pack and prepare for future leadership.


  • Leading well is one courageous act after another.” ~@LollyDaskal



My Leadership Posts from this week:


  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 7/3/17
    • Client Question:  “I can’t seem to get everything done.  The to do list between work and home just keeps getting bigger.  How can I accomplish more?”


  • Happy 4th of July!
    • Celebrating the independence of our country and spending time with family/friends


  • Do You Know Your Worth?
    • Building an internal reputation is important, but an external reputation is even more critical to your success


  • Are You Going to Be the Person to Make It Happen?
    • Will you take the opportunity to make the connections in your life?



My Podcast appearance that launched recently:

Listen to my interview on the Annie Jennings PRs EliteWire Podcast Series by clicking on this link:


  • EliteWire is Annie Jennings PR’s showcase of experts who work in a variety of areas from the publishing industry to the lifestyle industry. Although Annie specializes in working with authors, experts and speakers booking major media that includes radio talk shows, TV shows, national online print, magazines and newspapers, she invites others to showcase their business and expertise on the Showcase of Experts
  • Feel free to listen and leave a comment!


Podcast Topic:

  • Ask for what you want
  • Success Tips for Building Confidence


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