Don’t worry, it isn’t too late!

When I first started working, people found a good company, did a good job and stayed there for many years.   Most of the people that I knew did the same thing.  Things have changed a lot since that time.  Someone staying at one company is more of the exception now than the rule.  Today people change jobs a lot more frequently and that has become the norm.  Many people like myself are on their second career phase.  Doing something that is completely different to their original career and choosing it because they feel passionate about doing it.

In the class that I am in this week, I met a woman who is on her third career phase.  I loved the message that an additional career phase is sending.  You are never too old to start something new.  Don’t let your beliefs that you may be too old get in the way.  Check out this amazing link to inspire you to get started today.  People Who Switched Careers After 50 and Thrived  If you want to do it, figure out a way to make it happen and find your success!

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